October 2013

The Flattery Game is another shared social gaming experience that, like Seek-and-Peek, is played in a physical location on smartphones (or tablets). In this game the participants are lead to engage each other in conversation and essentially ‘flatter’ each other. Points are awarded by each participant. The game ends when when it has run for a pre-set amount of time.



November 2012

Seek-and-Peek is a shared gaming and art experience that is played in a physical space, from a large gallery space to a building. In the game participants seek our QR codes to scan with a smartphone or pad device. Each QR code scanned reveals one cell in an image. Players are prompted to guess what the image is. Players can win by either guessing what the image is or by revealing more of the image than other players.

Seek and Peek was run at the Performance Art Institute ‘The Future Imagined‘ event in November 2012.



January 2012

Pixelboard is a simple shared board where each cell in the image can be toggled between white and black. Each person viewing the Pixelboard page shares the same image and as each person manipulates it others can see the changes made.


September 2011

The Taiko Network project is focused on mapping out and capturing information about the various Japanese Taiko (ensemble-drumming) groups and visualizing that in different ways. The project started in 2011 with a first data collection step and then display the aggregate information on a map.